All women who offered this cause was in fact less than decades 31, 48% was basically in their teens and 83% was basically nulliparous

Ladies who gave not enough versatility otherwise immaturity while the a reason getting trying to abortion was indeed more likely to become younger (Otherwise 0.83, CI 0.7-0.9) and lower parity (Or 0.38, CI 0.2-0.7). Relationship status is omitted regarding the design due to complications with collinearity toward result. Several of (97%) ladies who offered it as a conclusion had been single/never hitched.

Revealing impacts regarding friends once the a real reason for trying to abortion is actually somewhat predicted from the many years and you will maternity purposes. Women who report this reason was basically very likely to getting younger (Otherwise 0.87, CI 0.8-1.0) and to features a high pregnancy intentions rating (Otherwise 1.20, CI 1.0-step one.4). Over three quarters (85%) of women exactly who provided it while the a conclusion was in fact decades twenty four and around. Their average maternity intentions score try highest in comparison with ladies giving most other explanations (step three.dos versus. dos.7, p=.03).

Specific lady held the belief that the woman unborn guy will probably be worth so you’re able to end up being elevated under best factors than just she will render at this time; from inside the an atmosphere where son are financially safer and you will region from a steady and you can enjoying family members

The two significant predictors away from “wouldn’t like an infant or put kids getting adoption” were all the way down parity (Or 0.67, CI 0.46-0.96) and you will a lower maternity purposes get (Otherwise 0.77, CI 0.60-0.99). More two-thirds (68%) whom reported that it reasoning was nulliparous.


Brand new results using this study demonstrate that the reasons ladies seek abortion are advanced and you will interrelated. As opposed to most other studies , this research asked ladies completely unlock-concluded questions about the reasons it wanted to cancel their pregnancies, making certain that all women’s reasons will be fully grabbed. It methodology enabled me to get numerous answers one to otherwise have no started attained. While some girls stated only 1 component that contributed to its wish to terminate its pregnancies, anyone else pointed to help you a myriad of situations you to definitely, cumulatively, resulted in the seeking to an abortion.

Just like the conveyed by variations i observed certainly one of women’s causes by individual qualities, girls find abortion the help of its unique facts, and additionally their socioeconomic position, age, health, parity and you may marital status. Even with alterations in the new climate related abortion and shifting demographics of your female having abortions, brand new commonplace causes women offered to have trying abortion reflected the ones from prior degree . Grounds pertaining to time, people, and you can concerns for the capacity to secure the child or other dependents economically and you will psychologically was indeed the most used explanations girls gave to own trying to an enthusiastic abortion, suggesting that abortion is often a choice inspired because of the ladies inquiries for newest and you will coming students, family, along with current obligations and you will requirements. It intersection between abortion and motherhood was described qualitatively during the a beneficial investigation because of the Jones and you can associates in which women mean that its abortion conclusion are influenced by the theory you to definitely children deserve “finest conditions off motherhood” . Specific ladies including seem to have internalized gendered norms one worthy of females since worry about-denying and always thinking on the best interest off their pupils, over to make care about-curious conclusion. Knowledge off stigma, concern about experiencing stigma, or internalized stigma to the lady abortion have motivated female to help you render even more socially common responses and then make the girl arrive otherwise getting selfless, so you can justify this lady abortion decision. Other studies have claimed abortion-looking to women’s fear of being judged as having generated a selfish elizabeth day, some of the lady seeking abortion within this analysis have been aiming so you’re able to secure by themselves a far greater life and you may upcoming- potential for a better job and you will education. This type of female is a whole lot more stigmatized as compared to former simply because they you should never belong to a discourse of the selfless and all sorts of-losing girl. In an effort to not ever subsequent subscribe to new abortion stigma within our culture, we have to try not to play with ladies’ reasons for abortion as a way to rationalize or justify its abortions, but rather to better discover its experiences .

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